Pulse Entertainment Rentals work like this:

Pulse Entertainment rents out our equipment in 5 day intervals (1 Day = 5 Days)

As an example, if you rent on a Wednesday the rental would not be due to come back until Monday.  Some exceptions are taken into consideration (eg holidays)

NOTE: Whether you want the rental for one day or the full 5 days, the price will remain the same.

Rentals are ordered and paid from our website.  Please feel free to call us if you have questions or would like us to order the item from our stock for you.



Pulse Entertainment’s policy is to reserve the rental equipment via Pulse Website.  Full payment of the rental is due upon checkout at which the item is then reserved for pickup.

Our rentals require to have a credit card on file.



A non-refundable charge of $50 per day will be applied to the credit card on file at the close of business for each day the item is not return.  At the end of the 4thday late,

Pulse Entertainment will charge the full equipment value to the provided credit card.

When the equipment is returned, Pulse will refund the purchase price of the equipment excluding late charges.


DAMAGE FEES:  The Pulse team will inspect the returned equipment and notify the customer of any additional charges due to missing items or damages within 72 hours of possession. Customers are responsible for any loss or damage to all rental equipment while in their possession regardless if an on-site technician is booked.



All customers agree to return the rented equipment in the same condition that it was received in. This includes the removal of cables from all mixers, speakers, lights, etc., the wrapping of all cables, and the cleanliness of the items.

Any rentals returned in a disorganized fashion, including cables not separated and wrapped, visible cosmetic damage or visible dirty will be subject to a minimum $20 non-refundable charge based upon the damage to the equipment.

If rented equipment is broken during the customers’ rental, the customer will be charged the full purchase amount of the item.



Rentals returned that are dirty will have a $20 cleaning fee applied to the customer provided card.

A $20 cable cleaning fee will be applied to the customer provided credit card for cables returned with tape or tape residue on them with the exception of Starlite’s labeling. The rental technician will ensure that any cables provided are free of tape or tape residue.



The full value of any equipment or cable which is not returned will be applied to the customer provided credit card at the time of the rental return.

Late fees will not be applied to the return of missing equipment.

If the item is not returned within three days and the customer has not called to inform the staff that the item is lost, a rental charge for up to a five-day period will be applied to the customer provided credit card. Late fees will then begin to be processed on this item.

Once the item is returned, the full purchase value of the equipment will be refunded to the card. Any rental charges or late fees applied as per the above point will not be refunded.